Quilt Care book coming

A collection of my previous 16 blog posts on quilt care will be published by a print-on-demand company this spring. The title is “Quilt Care: How to Help Yours Live to 100, Construction, Care and Use Advice.”

The 16 posts will be condensed into 12 chapters and additional information will be included.

When the book is ready, you will be the first to hear how to order it!



One thought on “Quilt Care book coming

  1. Will the book be free or is there a charge? The one about a quilt living to a 100.
    Hi Karen,
    Sorry I can’t afford to print copies for free! The first edition is right now available digitally on Amazon (Amazon has a free Kindle app for your device if you don’t have a Kindle) for $4.95. The improved edition should be out in late October, I hope.


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