About Gorges Quilt Care Labels

Gorges Quilt Care Label

A Gorges Quilt Care Label tells non-quilters how to care for your quilt. Photo by Barb Gorges.

About GQL:

In business since 1998, Gorges Quilt Labels has as of 2017 distributed and sold over 97,000 labels in all 50 states, Canada, Australia and Scotland. The labels were manufactured for GQL by a company providing labels for the quality clothing and linens industry since 1938.

While the labels are no longer available through this website, you may find them at www.SoftExpressions.com by searching their store using the term “label.”

How Gorges Quilt Labels got started

As a quilter, I found myself tracing simple care directions with Pigma pens on fabric labels for my own quilts as well as quilts I was giving away. Then, one morning, I gave my washcloth’s care label a second look and realized a woven label would solve my problems. But manufacturers insist on a minimum order of 10,000 labels. I thought maybe other quilters would be interested in care labels and so I went into business. —Barb Gorges, proprietor


“I sure wish I had one to sew on the quilt I gave to my sister-in-law. One ruined quilt would have been saved!” Judy in PA

“At last there is a classy care label available to quilters to attach to their quilts. “The importance of proper care information has been overlooked for years, and the Gorges Quilt Care Label has fulfilled the need with style!” Harriet Hargrave, author of “From Fiber to Fabric”

“….and the information is excellent. It is important to include care information on any quilt, but especially on those you give away to family and friends. “This is the perfect way to have the information where and when it is needed.” Judy Mathieson, author, “Mariner’s Compass Quilts: New Directions”

“Sew this fabric label to the backs of the quilts you give away, and you can be sure the recipients will know how to care for their treasures. Easy-to-read lettering provides directions for cleaning, storing and display.” Quiltmaker, January/February 2001

“When you make a quilt for a loved one who doesn’t quilt, include this quilt care label on the back. Then the nonquilter will know how to clean, store and display her gift.” Fons and Porter’s For the Love of Quilting, May/June 2001

Reasons for buying a Gorges Quilt Care Label:

  1. Gorges Quilt Care Labels tell your friends and family how to take care of the beautiful quilts you made for them.
  2. Gorges Quilt Care Labels on your quilts at home protect them from well-meaning guests or family members trying to be helpful.
  3. The Gorges Quilt Care Label is taffeta ribbon sewn to the back of the quilt so that care instructions are always with the quilt and never lost.
  4. The print on a Gorges Quilt Care Label is woven in and won’t wash away like ink on printed labels.
  5. Gorges Quilt Care Labels fit basic care information into a 3-inch square so less of your quilt back is covered than by using a handwritten care label.

How to use a Gorges Quilt Care Label:

The following information is on the back of every package.

Attaching labels

By hand: fold under top and bottom edges, including copyright, and applique all the way around the label. By machine: same as above but applique to hanging sleeve before assembly and attachment to quilt.


These labels are suitable for new quilts with cotton or cotton/polyester blend surfaces and containing batting that is 100% cotton, polyester, washable wool or a polyester/cotton blend.
Soap — Orvus Paste is recommended.


  1. Cut 2×4″ strips of each quilt fabric. 2. Piece strips together, alternating darks with lights. 3. Sandwich strips with batting and backing for quilt. 4. Machine quilt through all strips. 5. Treat sample according to cleaning directions. 6. If bleeding stains light fabrics, consider eliminating offending fabric.

Gorges Quilt Labels is not responsible for any damage to quilts occurring from following care directions. It is the quiltmaker’s responsibility to follow testing procedures, preferably before constructing the quilt.

Gorges Quilt Care Label text:

Quilt Care
–Fill top-loading washer with low-chlorine, 80-degree F (27 degree C) water. Add plain sodium lauryl sulfate-based soap.
–Shut off washer. Add quilt. Gently agitate by hand. Soak 5 – 10 minutes.
–Drain. Refill with 80-degree water. Agitate by hand. Repeat this step until soap is removed.
–Let spin cycle remove excess water.
–Lay quilt flat on white sheet on carpet or other surface. Block quilt.
–Fluff on dryer air cycle when nearly dry.
–Flat, rolled, or folded in thirds.
–In pillowcase or washed, plain muslin.
–In dark place with people-comfortable temperature and humidity.
–with biennual airings.
–in low light. Frequently rearrange for even light exposure.
–in clean environment to avoid extra washing.
copyright 1998 Gorges Quilt Labels
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Label specifications:

Gorges Quilt Care Labels have contrasting colored thread for print that is part of the weave of the sateen polyester background, with no loose threads on the back.

Colors available are cream background with brown print, black with silver print, or silver with black print.

Quilt Care Labels measure 3″ square, after top and bottom margins have been folded under for applique.

Quilt Care Labels are suitable for new quilts with cotton or cotton/polyester blend surfaces and containing batting that is 100% cotton, polyester, washable wool or a cotton/polyester blend.

Orvus Paste is recommended for washing.

Gorges Quilt Care Labels are packed in 4 x 6″ zip-sealing, reuseable bags with hang holes.

Each package has a cardstock insert. On the back are instructions for attaching labels, suitability and fabric testing procedures, company contact information and the UCC barcode.


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